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Business Park Area 23

Areal 23 LogoBased on a century-long tradition of textile production, Fussenegger has developed  the business park "Areal23" in one of the most up and coming areas of the country, which offers the harmonious coexistence of industrial architecture from the past and modern design. Covering an area of ​​80,000 sqm , we can offer commercial and industrial use in addition to a pure office space.

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Every company has individual requirements to its environment. Today the companies within Areal23 find an exciting mix of different industries, and enjoy an environment, which is tailored not only to their needs, but also to the needs of their customers. The area will continue to develop as a platform for industrial, commercial and service oriented industries and promote the development of economic symbiosis and synergy among the companies located here.



For centuries Wallenmahd Dornbirn is one of the economic centers in Vorarlberg , which is characterized by large companies and long traditions . A landmark of Dornbirn Wallenmahd and its long industrial history is the drying tower ("Trockenturm") dating back to1894 , which is located on the grounds of " Fussenegger - Areal 23" .

Back in the days it was mainly the textile industry, which was responsible for the outstanding position of this commercial area, while today it is a broad spectrum of trade, industrial and commercial business, which makes it such a special future development zone. Starting with innovative high - tech companies, Austria's largest department store chain, all the way to a steel production you will find a broad collection of various industries and companies . This trend will only continue to develop further in the future and Fussenegger Areal 23 will make a significant contribution.

In 2017 the new highway junction "Rheintal-Mitte" and the expansion of L45 will even improve the traffic connection of the industrial area Wallenmahd and will bring an additional traffic relief for the population of Dornbirn and Hohenems.