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Joint Ventures & Partner

Through worldwide specialization Outsourcing was neccessary in certain areas. We attach great importance to close cooperation with our work and have established important partnerships and joint ventures in the field of production and logistics.


Fussenegger & Grabher

The textile finishing company that fullfils your desire!

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Production of our men's shirts and blouses. CEO Mr. Ing Jan Sluka
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Production of our women's outerwear ; production of high quality , fashionable blouses and shirts; gradations , cut-off images , plotter, blanks ( Lectra System ); CEO Ms. Ing Gaborne Galo


Production of our bed and table linen as well as production of standard and fashion blouses; Indigo blue print in manual work for table cloths and accessories. Managing Director Ing. Sava Joch
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QSF-Swiss Finishing Company

The company QSF -Swiss Finishing Company, a joint venture of Union AG , EMBREX and FBV HERBRUGG company (owned by the company Fussenegger ) was originally established in 2003 as finishing company for quality materials in the Lingerie industry.
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